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Exiles at Large - Banishment

And so, after her son was killed, the goddess went forth among the animals, plants and rocks of the world to ask for punishment for the trickster who had caused him to be killed. Most would not countenance such an act, but nine objects stepped forth to wish for banishment, and nine was enough to make it so.

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Exiles at Large - Learning

When we first came here, there was nothing but sand. You can't stand on sand, really, you can't lie on it, you can't get comfortable. Eventually we found some rocks but it was still not much.

After a while Keriwen started up lessons again and we found the rocks out in the desert. They're much more soothing. It seems like the wind is quieter out there and the sand doesn't fly around as much. You feel like you can hear things that get drowned out elsewhere. It's a great place for learning and I'm glad Keriwen found it.

--Revurah Angedin

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Exiles at Large - Visions

I have heard stories of other races who come upon dreams as they sleep. Some consider them visions of great portent, some consider them the restless stirrings of the mind at rest. Those of our race, of course, tend toward the former explanation. After all, Zetria Atrian herself was said to have gained knowledge from the very rocks beneath her feet. I believe that true visions, true expressions of our latent heritage are few and far between...this puts me as, well, someone at odds with many of my colleagues. Nevertheless, if someone comes to me with a dream, a thought that they never believed their own mind could think...It is my job to assist them in understanding it and dealing with it. I almost find it more interesting when the dream is not really a vision, because then it says more about the person who saw it, instead of something outside them...

--Samavah Tehryuin

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Exiles at Large - Logistics

Keeping this colony running smoothly involves a lot of work. There are fields where plants are grown, there are cooking stations, there are waste disposal sites. Each of these sites generates its own products that are brought to the [recycling?] site and broken down and purified into its own nutrients and other valuable chemicals by the [recycling mages?]. Then we have to transfer, to ship the various items back to those sites again. The [information mages?] have devised a system to use the System to keep track of the various shipments in transit. Each container gets a number and so we can keep track of it wherever it is. It's really a [godsend] for us [recycling mages].

--Redrigarn Alaret

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Exiles at Large - Introductions

Hi, this is Keriwen. I thought it would be a good idea to have a forum for more expression from the Exiles as a whole. Every few days I'll post something here from one of the Exiles whom you don't get to see very often. The hardworking mages, explorers and engineers that make up our society. Everyone has something important to say!

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