Systemic Chronicle - CMProtocol@@KStatus: Uncertain

>CMProtocol@@HStart: Ready
>So you're still here...
>CMProtocol@@HStatus: Affirmative
>How's the communication project proceeding?
>CMProtocol@@JStatus: Protocol194/6667
>Yeah, that.
>CMProtocol@@HStatus: Nominal
>Good, I guess.
>CMProtocol@@KStatus: Uncertain
>Yes, well that's something we all have to deal with, isn't it?
>CMProtocol@@@@@PError: NotUnderstood
>I'm sure it'll turn out fine.
>CMProtocoldStatus: Continue
>Huh? You think I have something else to say?
>CMProtocol@@HStatus: Affirmative
>You're getting smarter.
>CMProtocol@@KStatus: Uncertain
>I had a dream. Or I think I was remembering an old story.
>CMProtocoldStatus: Continue
>It was about someone who was doing something bad. An evil wizard or something,
cliche as that sounds. 
>There was a vote taken to forbid and punish the wizard.
>Everything in the world said that the wizard should be punished...except for
one thing: mistletoe.
>The mistletoe argued that even parasites have their place in the world.
>However, it was outvoted...
>CMProtocol@@@@@PError: NotUnderstood
>I'm not sure I understand it either. But thanks for listening.
>CMProtocol@@@@@@wStatus: AdditionalRequired
>What? You need something?
>CMProtocol@@HStatus: Affirmative
>What can I do? Just let me know.
>CMProtocol@@@@@TError: NotFound - book4.txt
>That sounds like a document on the System. Wait, let me check something.
>CMProtocoldStatus: Continue
>Book 4, Hommeret Auricon. The fourth book of Hommeret Auricon. The file is
there, isn't it?
>CMProtocol@@@@@aError: Incomplete
>I see, only about 2/3 of it has been translated. Is that the problem?
>CMProtocol@@HStatus: Affirmative
>Really? You want the last part? Why? What does it matter to you?
>CMProtocol@@@@@@tError: AssistancePlease
>Fine, okay, it doesn't matter. You've done so much, I guess the least I can
do is get you the last part without asking questions. I think the translators
are already working on it, so I'll just go by and emphasize its importance.
It's the least I can do...and, actually, it's the most I can do. Is it enough?
>CMProtocol@@JStatus: ThankYou
>CMProtocol@@@@@aError: ImSoSorry
>CMProtocol@@HEnd: Goodbye


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