Systemic Chronicle - A new day for the Exiles and the Leader

Greetings and welcome to the System. Finally I've squashed the last of the bugs that were preventing me from using this system to its fullest; finally I can address you all as a true leader. I'm sure you are all familiar with me by now, but for the record, you may refer to me as Veilar, the Leader.

You history is filled with tragedy, an eternal diaspora from place to place, lending you your name--Exiles. You have searched for a home for yourselves and your children, finally landing in this inhospitable desert. Instead of giving up, you bent yourselves to the task of building a new home in these dunes.

I must say that when I regard your settlement, I feel admiration for your perserverance; I feel sympathy for the suffering you have already endured. And yet what I feel most of all is dissatisfaction, because I know that you have so much potential, potential that is not yet being realized as all your energies go to merely hanging on for survival in this grim waste.

As such, I feel it is my duty to assume leadership of the Exiles. Let our wills be focused to the task ahead of us, to building and surviving in this barren land. Let our hands build shining machines to pull life from the desert; let our minds ferret out the ancient secrets buried in these sands. Even here we may gain mastery over our environment and the power to extend our dominion.

I look forward to your participation in this grand endeavor. In closing, just a couple of administrative matters; First, we require unfettered access to all the knowledge we have accumulated, thus I would encourage everyone to catalogue and make available all the various documents in the Exile archives. Secondly, I do encourage open discussion of leadership policies; Open discussions will be held each twilight at the Whispering Rocks.



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