Vandemar Rebulon - A New Welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all Exiles and visitors to this new facility. The [System] terminals are open to all, providing access to a wonderful new world of communication and information. I urge my fellow Exiles to read and contribute.

We stand today on the threshold of a new age with new challenges. None knew what we would face after this most recent Exile; some say it's been harder than any of us has expected. But we have risen to equal and exceed the obstacles this new world provides, rendering them opportunities. Where once was nothing but baked sand, now there is a thriving community. Soon we will be planting crops to truly make this our home. I feel honored and humbled to be deemed worthy of being your [Chairman] in this time of change.

Now let us move forward with the help of our new colleagues in the [idea-web-dimension]. Forward...To the future!


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