Jedditor Lebbisun - numbers

so minimer randibone says that words have power because they transmit information. however, illudor tenawan says that the meanings of words are dependent upon cultures, while numbers have meanings beyond any cultural baggage.

so what numbers are important to you? whats your favorite number?


- by Rekidk at Sun, 04 Nov 07 15:33:10 -0500

I like 713. Not sure why. Why, what numbers do you like?


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sun, 04 Nov 07 17:34:00 -0500

wow, thats a curious number. the product of 23 and 31. not something you often come across. i think the most powerful numbers are usually smaller because they get used a lot more often. im sure youve figured out that 9 is important to the exiles. as for me i feel more partial to 6. or, occasionally, 13...


- by Alvyurin Ekkatran at Sun, 04 Nov 07 19:30:02 -0500

Jedditor, you should take these things more seriously. I'd advise you all not to put too much stock into what Jedditor says...


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