Keriwen Edrekar - Hello!

It's great for me to finally be able to post on the [System] and talk to you all. I'm Keriwen Edrekar. Jedditor tells me that the closest translation of my job in your language is "Morale Officer", but I prefer to think of myself as a counselor. My calling is to get to the root of problems and help people deal with them effectively, so that their lives are better. I think the [System] has a lot of potential to change our lives, and I'm really excited about it! Please feel free to talk to me (well, write to me) any time.


- by Rahshale at Tue, 06 Nov 07 23:10:30 -0500

Hello, Keriwen Edrekar. You sound like you have a very important job, in a group that's working so hard.


- by Keriwen Edrekar at Wed, 07 Nov 07 00:00:34 -0500

I think it's important, yes. I try to do my best!


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