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So, someone named "littleprelude" was talking about surveillance systems. Keriwen brought this to my attention and reminded me of an answer: Golems! Our group of Exiles hasn't done much with golems in the recent past, but with Keriwen's help, I was able to find a few books with details. So now we just have to wait for Pallantar's engineers to make one or two. Finally, some progress!


- by littleprelude at Thu, 07 Aug 08 19:17:20 -0400

Golems - interesting. I associate that word with a humanoid figure made of clay and animated by holy or magic words. Is that what you're talking about?

About golems

- by Pallantar Akarat at Thu, 07 Aug 08 20:42:30 -0400

Apparently the System chooses the best word for the translation. It's fortunate you have a word describing a similar concept. A golem is, in simplest terms, an artificial life form consisting of normally lifeless materials magically animated by a controlling spirit. Clay and stone are the most traditional materials, yes.


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