Jedditor Lebbisun - hooray

hay guys i has a blog lol.

i think im getting the hang of this new languages slang.

Request for help

- by Kender at Sat, 20 Oct 07 21:49:46 -0400

Hello Jedditor, Looks like system has succeeded in recruiting help. What can we do for you?


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sat, 20 Oct 07 22:05:24 -0400

dunno. really i mostly do what alvyurin says. shes the brains of the outfit. hey could you figure out the cmprotocol codes? i know those little symbols mean something but i dunno what.

CMProtocol Codes

- by thebruce at Sun, 21 Oct 07 01:32:17 -0400

hey great to finally be in comm with you Jedd (may I call you Jedd?) we just figured out what the codes mean... they spell out the url address for this very website you're communicating to us through. I hope those are the codes you're referring to, because there are other codes too, and they look like system commands I hope we can be of help to you!


- by Rekidk at Sun, 21 Oct 07 14:06:05 -0400

So, was it the system that was trying to get in contact with us?


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Mon, 22 Oct 07 03:38:17 -0400

well i asked it to.


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