Alvyurin Ekkatran - Back again?!?

Is this thing working again? That's amazing...It might be just what we need. It's been a long time and some significant things have happened. I hope someone out there is still listening; I'll post more updates as soon as I can. I think we could use your help.

Our current peril

- by Alvyurin Ekkatran at Thu, 23 Oct 08 18:27:54 -0400

It turns out that there was an enemy lurking in the sands. We don't know how long he's been there. He's some sort of magic-user from another world; we call him the Sorcerer, and he hasn't volunteered any other name. He was the one who stole our water, and he's ordered a regularly scheduled tithe of such. He has golems made of sand that come to collect it, much more well made than our own attempts.

The Sorcerer has sent us ultimatums and threats...It seems he wants to make us his subjects, or his army, or something. He's set us collecting stone and making curious carvings. Some say he's going to to use these to create magic items, but I've heard some say it's just red herrings. There seems to be some plan behind what he's doing, but nobody can say what it is. Once, to punish us, he made all the children disappear into the desert. Eventually we found them by the whispering rocks. But, as a show of "generosity", he's also let us use one or two golems for hauling stones.

The Sorcerer has us all in a grip of terror. I know there are some of us who want to resist, but not many. The System had been down for a while; we assumed it was his doing. But maybe, if it's back up...

fight the power

- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Fri, 24 Oct 08 19:15:02 -0400

the sorcerer must be messing with the system. i think the system is fighting back. thats why it hasnt been working for so long.


- by Keriwen Edrekar at Sun, 26 Oct 08 00:51:10 -0400

Oh, NOW you tell us, Jedditor? Where have you BEEN anyway? We could have used some tech support before this!

system peril

- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sun, 26 Oct 08 18:42:52 -0400

been trying to help out the system of course. im now convinced its been fighting off attacks by the sorcerer. thats why it hasnt been available to do blog stuff and the other things we were using it for.


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Wed, 29 Oct 08 02:42:56 -0400

has anyone seen alvyurin since this post? for some reason i have this feeling she hasnt been around.


- by Keriwen Edrekar at Thu, 30 Oct 08 03:30:05 -0400

I did see her today, but she didn't want to talk. She seemed a little depressed, perhaps.

Hi there

- by littleprelude at Mon, 15 Dec 08 16:03:01 -0500

I'm glad to see that the system is back up and running, it's been a long time. I'm still here and willing to help as best I can.


- by Systemic Chronicle at Mon, 15 Dec 08 16:57:46 -0500

Pebble reaches water./Ripples teased by chill wind/Form a little prelude.

haiku critique

- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Mon, 15 Dec 08 17:00:30 -0500

wait, isnt it winter over there? that seems more like a spring poem.

It's a little disconcerting

- by littleprlude at Mon, 15 Dec 08 17:53:49 -0500

that the system is referencing me in haiku. I'm partial to limerick's m'self. But it is indeed winter in my part of the world. Re: The system fighting back...there was an interesting post in the system chronicle with a picture of someone from my history called Alexander Haig. He was the secretary of state for one of my country's presidents, Ronald Reagan. There was an assasination attempt against, Reagan, and while he was incapacitated, Haig declared, "I'm in control here"...which was seen as an amusingly vain attempt to assert his power. I'm not sure where this fits in, if anywhere.


- by Keriwen Edrekar at Mon, 15 Dec 08 19:06:52 -0500

Jedditor, you need to stop wasting your time on poetry and think of something useful to do.


- by Alvyurin Ekkatran at Mon, 15 Dec 08 19:09:13 -0500

No, wait. I understand. You drop a stone into water, and it makes ripples, and the ripples disturb everything. It means that things are going to happen, things are starting. Like a wind in spring saying that even though it's cold, the cold will go away. Even though we're in the grip of someone controlling us...your words are the prelude to our great symphony.


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Mon, 15 Dec 08 19:10:01 -0500

alvyurin, stop making so much sense, youre scaring me.


- by littleprelude at Mon, 15 Dec 08 19:26:24 -0500

So what's with the new graphic on the blog page...a little guy who seems to switch randomly between saying "It looks like you're trying to read this website! Need help?" and "It looks like you're trying to SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF YOUR BETTERS... need help?" And then when I click on it, all I get is an error message.


- by Keriwen Edrekar at Tue, 16 Dec 08 17:13:54 -0500

I had thought that the System was immune to the Sorcerer's machinations, but now we see that it isn' least not completely. We need to be careful of what we say here. And we also need to figure out some way to communicate without being intercepted.

Hiding in plain sight

- by littleprelude at Tue, 16 Dec 08 18:51:14 -0500

Does stasy mean anything to any of you? Perhaps something like that might be helpful.


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Tue, 16 Dec 08 20:50:49 -0500

haha...i bet someones annoyed by your mentioning it in public. i do recall seeing something like that when poking around some random directories...with a cute little paintoverish diversion. perhaps i could appropriate their code and bricole it...


- by littleprelude at Tue, 16 Dec 08 22:14:03 -0500

I'm sorry if they're annoyed. But they've been sufficiently cagey that I'm not particularly bothered. I have a question: is there more to the last Book than what is posted? It doesn't seem to have any sort of resolution.

part 3

- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Wed, 17 Dec 08 01:10:20 -0500

part 3 is coming, yes.

translation error

- by Alvyurin Ekkatran at Thu, 18 Dec 08 02:14:45 -0500

Jedditor, what [expletive] was that word you used? Some kind of puzzle? I can't even figure it out.


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