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okay so the system is this big artifice device. after a while it and i figured out a language to communicate with each other. its not my native language and i dont think its its native language either. but we agreed on it. i guess thats what language is.

anyway we call it the cmprotocol. well the system calls it that and i just go along with it. all the cmprotocol messages have some symbols and then a message. i just read the message and figure it out but im still curious about the symbols.

anytime you see great runes and >> or << symbols thats something ive written to interface with the system so dont worry about it. caps lock is hard.

im still confused about what symbols youre saying i hurled at you.


- by Kender at Sun, 21 Oct 07 14:29:14 -0400

Could you perhaps post some examples of the symbols that interest you? It is hard for us to determine which symbols you are talking about without concrete examples. It may be that we are able to help you with certain aspects of the system, since we have access to a wide variety of systems.

Command list

- by vidstudent at Sun, 21 Oct 07 15:22:32 -0400

So far, we're seeing cmprotocol@@@aCommandOfTheMoment>> as the norm, with aCommandOfTheMoment replaced with what has to be the System calling on a programmed function to do something. I have very little clue as to an exact interpretation of the @@@ mess, though my first guess would be that the command is in a subdirectory of the system's root directory. The commands themselves so far look straightforward, with built-in interpretation between languages. Where inexact, we're getting brackets. What would be useful at the moment would be to get a list of commands the thing is using. System help functions on the systems we use keep a list somewhere, usually accessible by a help command. Also, asking for help regarding specific commands can provide more detailed descriptions, as well as special command modifiers that can be added onto the end. For example, we have a command called tracert on our systems that lets us check information flow between two terminals. Entering the command "tracert help" offers information on how the command is to be phrased, as well as different add-ons (usually / followed by a letter or word) that alter the command, asking it to something more or something different. (Note: help in the query box, well, isn't help at all.)


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sun, 21 Oct 07 17:05:42 -0400

you guys dont understand what i have to go through.


weird. i dont know where that help message came from. ill put something else there. soon.


- by Smoothwun/Michael at Mon, 22 Oct 07 22:45:43 -0400

Hello, Jedditor. My name is Michael, and I am one of the many who your system has called on for help. I have already conversed with Alvyurin, and there are two points of interest that I need to pick your brain about. The first being the message we uncovered regarding the LIONS DEN. Alvyurin tells us she has no knowledge of such a thing, so I want to ask you the same question. What exactly is this LIONS DEN? You seem to be the one in direct contact with the system, so odds are youre the one who writes these type of messages. Any info would be another step towards us understanding each other alot better. Now, as for my second question. Recently, Kender inputted the word PUZZLE into the query and got a hit. The link led us to a group of 14 pictures, 9 of which is set up in what appears to be the MAGIC SHELL GAME, which was also another query hit. A total of 104 numbers surround these pictures, encasing them if you will. The numbers are repeating, mirror their opposite side, exactly. My question is do you know of this puzzle? If so, is there anything you can tell us about it? Any info will be helpful. I posed the same exact question to Alvyurin, so if you choose to answer here and let her know that you did so, it would most likely be helpful to her so we dont see a repeated answer. I thank you for your time, Jedditor, and look forward to speaking with you in the future. - Michael


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Tue, 23 Oct 07 03:04:37 -0400

well everyone knows about the magic shell. its a fun little game for aspiring mathematicians. but if you learn how it works you always get to a draw.

and its from that old story yeah.

lions den...ive heard of someone using the lion as a symbol but im not supposed to talk about it. ask alvyurin.

the puzzle is interesting. i think someone asked the system to make a neat little puzzle with images from your culture. the system is good at that. of course i could be wrong.

the green numbers look like they repeat a lot just with a difference of 2. the same thing over and over i guess.

the black ones dont look like they have a message at all. so the fact that it has a number is the message. or a letter. which is it? well whatever im going to bed.


- by thebruce at Tue, 23 Oct 07 14:15:09 -0400

Well, the system sure knows how to find cultural images that are pretty vague or ancient! We're still not quite sure how the green and black strings apply to the images. I think if we had an idea of what to look for, it might be a little easier, but as it stands, we're running out ideas! Perhaps you or Alvyurin could brainstorm a bit too to help us also, do you know who could have asked the system to make that puzzle?


- by Kender at Tue, 23 Oct 07 14:46:13 -0400

Since we seem to have stalled on this puzzle, time for a recap of what we have so far.
1. One, Chorus Line, 1 - ... 979_01.jpg
2. Toothpaste, Fluoride, F- - Image not found
3. James Prescot Joule, J -
4. E - ... tions_of_e
5. Lt. Columbo, Peter Falk -
6. Wedding? - Image not found
7. Ocean Wave - ... hawave.htm
8. Blue Whale -
9. Potassium, K - ... /econ.html
10. King, K -
11. StrawberryClock, B -
12. ??? - Image not found
13. Jane Badler, V -
14. Lord Kelvin, K - Still no idea what to make of it all though..


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Tue, 23 Oct 07 15:38:59 -0400

quite a collection of images there. a lot of stuff going on. kings and queens? tv and movies? columbo having a sale in the ocean blue? amazing. b...heh. that strawberry character seems like a fun guy.


- by Michael (Smoothwun) at Tue, 23 Oct 07 20:55:30 -0400

Wow Jedditor, you may be onto something there with the "Sale the ocean blue". There is a rhyme I heard when I was young to help me remember who discovered America, and what year it was. It went: IN 1492, COLUMBUS SAILED THE OCEAN BLUE. This HAS to be what was referred to in the puzzle, because it goes COLUMBO SALE OCEAN BLUE.. now where to go from here is anyones guess, but perhaps the whole puzzle is based on this type of thing. Thanks Jedditor!


- by <anonymous> at Tue, 23 Oct 07 21:50:05 -0400

Thanks for the help Jeddior! It seems like the Columbus clue points us to the fact that the black box across the top of the image should read "1 4 9 2 Columbo Sale Ocean Blue" if we assume that the black outlined box is a Lo Shu magic square (like the turtle shell in The Book of Zetria Atrian). Any ideas where to go from here? Do you think that the images in the black square represent letters or sounds or perhaps something else? Do you think the numbers represented on the turtle shell could be used to place the images in the correct order?

thinking further...

- by thebruce at Tue, 23 Oct 07 23:23:39 -0400

do you think the 2nd and 3rd lines follow a similar theme? that the pictures represent a word or number or letter in a limerick, poem, or well-known phrase? It's hard to ignore the fact that 492 is the first row of the magic square... but if we use that logic to say that somehow the 2nd row is related to 357, then I can see 5(F)ive and 7(S0even related to "(F)eudal" and "(S)trawberryclock" just as 4(F)our, 7(S)even and 9(N)ine are related to "(F)luoride", "(N)ewton" and "(T)ranscendental" (the constant "e" is called that). But I might just be reaching there... Any other ideas?


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Wed, 24 Oct 07 03:10:32 -0400



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