Jedditor Lebbisun - whispers

someone was messing with the system im sure of it. i dont really mind that they want to work with it but not when they mess with my mail program.

still...the fact that someone actually found it is interesting. maybe even intriguing.

oh i remember what i wanted to say. the hunter who found the monument with the rings said he was drawn there by whispering sounds. the people who have visited the location have different opinions, some say its the wind blowing around the oddly shaped rocks, some say its actual whispers. anyway we call it the whisper monument.

alvyurin seems excited about something. i should finish this entry and see whats up.

Which Mail?

- by Sm00thwun at Wed, 31 Oct 07 22:31:39 -0400

Jedditor, are you referring to the new mail we recieved, with what appears to be a coded clue to a puzzle? Twee discovered that the code said -- you found the numbers and some letters now put them together or more precisely take them apart to find me -- and then it also said -- stupid thing the translations not done yet dwim dwim! -- The only puzzle we have had so far containing numbers AND letters is the Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue one... are you saying you didnt send this email containing this hint?


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Thu, 01 Nov 07 00:15:00 -0400

uh yeah...someone was messing with the mail program and i noticed and tried to stop it but the system sent a mail anyway. i dunno what else got sent in the mail. although if you saw me saying dwim i really was saying that.


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