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Just when we were getting some good work down, someone put a [lock stone] right in the middle of my research area! I thought we had gotten rid of this [???] when we left! Why do I have to put up with these stupid setbacks?

lockstones, locks that come alive

- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Thu, 01 Nov 07 19:50:55 -0400

for those of you not familiar with exile traditions...a lockstone is an enchanted stone or group of stones that cannot be moved unless some password is given. its sort of a prank or a protest. if you guys want to help out just query lockstone. i think alvyurin is too upset to solve it. i think the code is interesting but hey i got my own work to worry about...


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Fri, 02 Nov 07 20:21:25 -0400

interesting that the stone uses a double dactyl for its question...we dont have that poetic form, but ive been reading up on it and it seems like fun. maybe i should try writing one or two sometime. most of the lockstones ive seen have poems on them, but some just have a question. the hardest ones just have the question, like a riddle, but this has some other stuff to let you spell out the answer, i think...the numbers look like one of those series, so its not too hard to figure out the ? marks, so now i guess i should work on the coded words and little diagrams...


- by <anonymous> at Sat, 03 Nov 07 13:36:02 -0400

The words on the lockstone are simply what we call a ROT-9 code. To encode something in ROT-9, you simply ROTate each letter in the word being encoded 9 characters forward in the alphabet (e.g. a becomes j, b becomes k, etc.). To decode you just do the same thing in reverse, move each character 9 places back in the alphabet. Anyway, from top to bottom, the words decode to:
Strike Bomber
Sunday Strike
Tropical Angel

not exactly an uplifting set of words. In the mythology of our word, Ragnarok is the final battle waged between two gods in Norse mythology and Andromalius is a demon. A strike bomber is a modern millitary weapon. I'm not sure what the last two refer to


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sat, 03 Nov 07 17:18:43 -0400

interesting, i cant help thinking ive seen some of those words before...

so if you put all the words and diagrams in order, maybe you get...

ragnarok + 1
circles? - 2
eye logo?, world
ssc lion
strike bomber
clock at 12, eye + 1
andromalius + 1
sunday strike
tropical angel - 2

not rock day.......not a good day for stones, either.

- by drizjr at Wed, 16 Jan 08 18:28:48 -0500

Hi Alvyurin,
A slew of us idea-web-people pulled together and slayed the lockstone. Woot! The password is "questionings".
Is it traditional to do something with the pieces?


- by Alvyurin Ekkatran at Wed, 16 Jan 08 19:46:54 -0500

Why, yes. It is traditional to jump up and down upon them, then break them into further pieces and throw them great distances through the outdoors.


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Thu, 17 Jan 08 17:23:05 -0500

see, thats why i like working for alvyurin, she knows how to make jokes.


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