Alvyurin Ekkatran - Regrouping

We've made a lot of progress in settling here, and yet I can't help feeling that things aren't as good as they seem. It's a strange feeling. Well, never mind that, I'm writing this to give a summary of our situation.

Food production is going well. I understand that there is enough water to start making actual soil. Still, all we have to work with is sand.

Speaking of water, we still haven't figured out where that shipment vanished to. I guess we can break it down to two possibilities; either it was someone in our own community that took it, or it was someone outside that we don't know about. Of course, either possibility is unthinkable. I know Pallantar has been talking about surveillance, but we just don't have the people to spare on a relatively unimportant endeavor like that.

Keriwen tells me that she's made progress organizing a school for our young folk. It's required changing our notion of education, making it much more informal and hands-on. But I think she enjoys the challenge, and if anyone can do it, it's her.

I can't help thinking about those rocks out in the desert, though. They must be ruins. There were people here before us and we don't know anything about them. But again, it's more important to cncentrate on survival. Sometimes I wonder if there's any place for a researcher in a place like this.


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