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I guess I should write something here, since Jedditor was kind enough to set it up. My name is Alvyurin Ekkatran, currently Research Director of this expedition. That means I actually have time to stop and think about things--it's my job. Otherwise I'd never be writing on this [System] [terminal].

I never thought I'd be the one to see another Exile. But we all agreed it was necessary, it was just Vandemar who gave the order. And now we're here in this desolate desert. Honestly, I don't think there's ANY life here besides us. MAYBE some microbes. The heat is unbelievable, and the dryness...we've got [mages] working around the clock to preserve the water vapor we breathe out. And more helping shift the effects of the heat. Sometimes I can't believe we survive at all.

And with everyone caught up in just surviving, how can we make any progress? If anyone gets really sick we'll be in a downward spiral, unable to summon enough [power] to conjure up a drink. And here I am writing on this bizarre contraption, getting out my thoughts in the hope that it'll jar loose some idea in my brain.

Well, it hasn't helped yet. Back to the conjuring for me.

Water in the desert

- by vidstudent at Sun, 21 Oct 07 00:51:21 -0400

Good luck with the water situation. From my limited (but yet substantial) desert experience, I recommend digging and setting up areas for water vapor to condense in the evenings. It's not much, but, as you well know by now, every bit counts.


- by thebruce at Sun, 21 Oct 07 01:38:50 -0400

Alvyurin - how many people are there with you? Are you communicating for yourself and Jedditor? Or you part of a community of people now traveling through the desert? How can we help? I'll second vidstudent's point though - whatever methods you can use to help sustain your resources the better, and it sounds like it can help, and maybe give your mages a chance for a small break every now and then.


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