Exiles at Large - Logistics

Keeping this colony running smoothly involves a lot of work. There are fields where plants are grown, there are cooking stations, there are waste disposal sites. Each of these sites generates its own products that are brought to the [recycling?] site and broken down and purified into its own nutrients and other valuable chemicals by the [recycling mages?]. Then we have to transfer, to ship the various items back to those sites again. The [information mages?] have devised a system to use the System to keep track of the various shipments in transit. Each container gets a number and so we can keep track of it wherever it is. It's really a [godsend] for us [recycling mages].

--Redrigarn Alaret

shipment 256

- by drizjr at Sun, 30 Mar 08 14:01:16 -0400

Hi Redrigarn, Can you get the System to locate the missing shipment 256? If I may ask, what were the contents of that shipment?

Thanks for reply

- by Keriwen Edrekar at Sun, 30 Mar 08 20:27:40 -0400

Just so you know, not everyone uses the System's blogging features...This is a blog where I solicit opinions from the general citizens of our community. The point is, Redrigarn wouldn't automatically see your comment...and I'm not sure he would be allowed to answer anyway, I think Pallantar's concerned about security...But I'll make it a point to get Redrigarn to take a look at this. I'm sure he'll be touched by your concern!