Exiles at Large - Visions

I have heard stories of other races who come upon dreams as they sleep. Some consider them visions of great portent, some consider them the restless stirrings of the mind at rest. Those of our race, of course, tend toward the former explanation. After all, Zetria Atrian herself was said to have gained knowledge from the very rocks beneath her feet. I believe that true visions, true expressions of our latent heritage are few and far between...this puts me as, well, someone at odds with many of my colleagues. Nevertheless, if someone comes to me with a dream, a thought that they never believed their own mind could think...It is my job to assist them in understanding it and dealing with it. I almost find it more interesting when the dream is not really a vision, because then it says more about the person who saw it, instead of something outside them...

--Samavah Tehryuin