Pallantar Akarat - Strategy

As you may have heard, the golem we set to watch over our supplies has been destroyed. Disenchanted is perhaps the best word, as it was destroyed through magic. The two mages I commissioned to be golemicists are having trouble even figuring out how this destructive spell worked.

This leads me to believe that there are one of two possibilities at work here. First, it could be that one of our Exiles has been secretly studying golemics, from the same texts we've been using, without our knowledge and faster than we can. And that they have some reason to steal water and interfere with our plans.

The more likely possibility is that someone else is in this desert with us.

I should mention that more water has been stolen, but not any barrels. We found an empty barrel near the destroyed golem, completely dry, without a molecule of water inside. I believe this can only be seen as a challenge to us.

Destroying a golem

- by littleprelude at Sat, 30 Aug 08 17:23:05 -0400

Don't know if this is of any help - in tales of golems that I'm familiar with, one can magically destroy a golem by erasing, removing, or altering the magic/holy words that animate it in the first place.


- by Jedditor Lebbisun at Sun, 31 Aug 08 03:08:29 -0400

really? damn, theres a lot i dont know about golems. i wonder if pallantar knows that?


- by Pallantar Akarat at Sun, 31 Aug 08 13:38:30 -0400

We're working on it, so shut up, Jedditor.

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